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 "Saint Anselm Catholic School Raises the Standards from the Smallest to the Tallest"

  “Saint Anselm Catholic School Raises the Standards from the Smallest to the Tallest”

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Greetings Family and Friends,

What does it mean to be a STAG? If you ask any student at St. Anselm he or she will tell you it means that we are “Striving together for academic greatness and spirituality”. The mission of the school continues to state that we are providing resources, opportunities and direction for each and every student to grow in knowledge and understanding through the gospel message, academic discipline along with social, psychological and physical development. But, what does this all really mean? As principal it is my privilege and goal to make sure all students experience these opportunities. Everyday we begin with the following message; “Our mission calls us together to strive for academic greatness and spirituality. The gospel for today comes from the book of Luke where we hear…., Let us remember this message and our mission as we travel throughout our day”, we offer intentions and conclude with a prayer for the day. I feel very strongly that if we, as a community are doing our best to raise a thriving, growing, Catholic community it must start within in our homes and our classrooms; which is one of the many reasons St. Anselm Catholic School is here. The students at St. Anselm are given the skills and knowledge to be proud of who they are and never feel like they should be put a side. It is a collaborative process and I thank each and every one of you for supporting us and joining us on this journey as we strive to fulfill our mission.

Katie L. Brydges
Principal, St. Anselm Catholic School

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STAG Technology Plan 2014

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