Welcome to St. Anselm Catholic School. Our Catholic School has been educating students from the smallest to the tallest for over 50 years.

We are proud of our long-standing traditions. It is truly great to be a Stag!

St. Anselm, our patron, was a monk, abbot, theologian, and philosopher of the Catholic Church. He was an original and independent thinker. He was known for his intellect, patience, and gentleness. He received the title “Father of Scholasticism,” as he worked to analyze the truth of religion with the aid of reason. He cared for the lowliest of people and worked to ensure proper care and concern for all.

Here at St. Anselm, we value the same principles as our patron- dedication to our Lord, along with patience, understanding, gentleness, and intellect. We live by our mission- Striving Together for Academic Greatness and Spirituality.

We look forward to another successful school year!

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We have great programs, are student-driven and dedicated to success!